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March 6, 2019

The Eyes Have It!

Seems there is a whole lot of beauty buzz lately about eyebrows and eye lashes! Well now what’s a girl to do? There is a ton of information we could discuss but for the sake of brevity, here is the low down.

Let’s talk lashes. If you were born with great lashes all you need to do is find a great mascara you love like Rimmel Scandaleyes and that’s it! But if you are unhappy because your lashes are too short, too skimpy, too light, or getting old like the rest of you (LOL) - then here are some tips!

There are many new trends in lashes out there. One of the favorite trends is lash serums. There are various price points to fit every budget but remember that you get what you pay for! Sometimes you’re just paying for pretty packaging. Most of the time though, a higher price means a higher quality and higher concentration of the beneficial ingredients. I recently decided to try one of those magical serums for the sake of this article and I am hooked! GrandeLash by Grande Cosmetics has given me back the lush lashes of my youth and I have heard Lash Boost by Rodan and Fields also works wonders.

If you aren’t into serums then false eyelashes may be what you need. Falsies or glued on eyelashes have evolved into everyday wear. They are not just for special occasions ladies! False eyelashes are also affordable and easy to DIY. You can add a strip lash, individual lashes, or clusters to your everyday look. There is clear and black adhesives. Use the clear if you are light skinned and going for a very natural look. Use the darker adhesive if you are darker skinned or planning to wear heavier, darker makeup like black eyeliner. Apply lashes after make up application for best results. These lashes should be removed daily and can be reused. If the adhesive builds up, clean the lashes by spraying on some rubbing alcohol and gently peeling off as much of the left on adhesive as possible.

Now, if adding something to your daily routine is not your thing but you want fuller, longer, lashes you may want to look into eyelash extensions. Many salons and spas now offer eyelash extensions. These extensions are considered “permanent.” That is, the individual lashes get bonded right to your own lashes and will wear like natural lashes and fall out when the natural lash it has been bonded to falls out. Once you have a full set of lash extensions there is no need for mascara. The only maintenance is daily brushing and appointments for “fill ins” as you lose lashes about every 2-3 weeks. The initial application will take about 2 hours and pricing varies.

Winter Hair Blues??

February 6, 2019

Winter hair blues?

Here’s a survival guide for you!

Is your winter hair giving you trouble? The winter season is hard on hair. Not only is the air drier, we crank up the heat in our house and the shower to stay warm and that wreaks even more havoc on our thirsty tresses.

What’s a girl to do?

#1 Add MOISTURE. Choose a gentle more moisturizing shampoo during the winter months. Most scalps also get drier in the winter so lather up from roots to ends with a great moisturizing shampoo an follow with a great conditioner like Living Proof’s PHD (Perfect Hair Day).

Only dry on the ends? Use a conditioner with more potent moisture like Redken Extreme and apply primarily to the ends. A good leave in conditioner can help too. Try Unite’s leave in…it’s the bomb! If you’re having issues with static and adding moisture doesn’t seem to help, try this: Moisturize hands with a good hand moisturizer and then run hands lightly over hair and hair ends. Perfect.

Winter is a fantastic time for an end trim to get those dry ends off. Treat yourself to a trim and a great deep conditioning, like Formula 18 or KC Vanilla Bean Conditioner at the salon. Or, have some fun at home with at home treatments like these DIY’s:

Coconut or Olive oil: use either to moisturize scalp or hair ends, or use all over for an occasional deep treatment.

Mayonnaise: that’s right - MAYO. Use real mayonnaise it’s perfect for adding just the right amount of moisture. Put mayo on clean, dry or towel dried hair, cover with a plastic cap for 5-10 minutes. Rinse well then lightly shampoo and condition.

Avocado: Over ripe avocado? Don’t toss it! Mash it up and use it the same as the mayonnaise above.

#2 Use caution with heat. Turn down the heat in the shower and try a cool rinse. Don’t wash too often - try just rinsing to help keep moisture in. Try letting your hair dry naturally when you can or use a lower heat setting on your hair dryer. Go easy on all heat styling. When using hot tools like flat irons and curling irons use a good heat protectant like Hot Sexy’s Protect Me Spray or a few drops of Chi’s Silk Infusion Serum.

Winter hair just needs a little TLC to help keep it looking and behaving its’ best!

Is BIG hair back???

January 2019

Is BIG hair back? 

 Yes! But, not the 80’s kind of BIG. Voluminous hair has been showing up on the runway and on many of the recent magazine covers. It’s not your mother’s bouffant ‘do by any means. Big hair looks youthful and modern when it is a bit imperfect with low key glam. The hair should still have lots of movement, not overly ironed or stiffly teased and sprayed with a can of 80’s Aquanet!

Here’s our guide to effortless fresh, full, blown out hair.

Skip the Conditioner

Especially for fine hair, all over conditioning may not be needed. The ends may need just a small amount or just a simple leave in conditioner applied after shampooing. One pro trick is to shampoo the hair once, then shampoo a second time adding a little conditioner to the second shampoo and rinse well. By the way, if you tend to frizz add a cool water rinse. If not, let the water stay warm. Warm water swells the hair strand and helps create fullness on finer hair. Cool water will seal down the cuticle layer on hair that tends to get too frizzy.

Thicken it up

Too much or too many layers of product will only flatten out finer hair. For a little lift, apply a root lifter or a thickening product like Nioxin’s thickening spray to the root area only. The light thickening mist will add a boost to your root area creating volume. For more bulk from roots to ends, try a dollop of mousse. We like Redken Full Frame. These products should be applied to towel dried hair. Ooops! Forgot to apply product before drying? No worries…try a volumizing spray like Living Proof’s Dry Volumizing Blast. Hold a few inches away from dry hair and blast the root areas that need a volume boost.

Try Air Drying or Pre-Drying

A little heat from the blow dryer is great for body, but too much can make finer hair flat. To keep any texture hair at its big hair best just air dry or blow dry on low or cool until hair is about 80 percent dry. Then, flip your head upside down and blow-dry on a higher heat. Rough up your hair strands with your fingers to help trap in extra air and build volume. Finish your blow dry by flipping hair back ad smoothing just the mid-lengths and the ends with a large round brush to add some movement. Pro-tip : we love wrapping the top layer of the hair in big Velcro rollers. Hit the hair with a little hair spray to set, then blow a warm then cool blast over the rollers with your blow dryer. Remove the rollers and shake out or finger fluff to create that bouncy, lived in fullness.

Flat to Fluffy

What about when your style deflates or you try to get another day out of your great blow dry? Living Proof Dry Shampoo to the rescue. Bend over and spray in targeting roots where it will go to work and help get rid of greasiness and bed head flat spots. Flip over and then finger or brush into place. For even more volume, sprinkle a little hair powder in at the roots and rub the powder in just a bit with the pads of your fingertips. These products really help to revive your style without having to shampoo and restyle every day.

They also help create that lived in effortless look that is so popular now.

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April Showers bring May Styles!

The beautiful days of Spring are upon us. South Jersey Spring always brings a crazy mix of weather and this year’s hair style trends help you survive them all!

Head Scarves

That wasn’t a typo…yes the head scarf is back. Whether you wear a silk one tied with Hollywood glam under your neck or a thrift find turned turban wrap, you’ll want to research the head scarf looks going down the runway (and boardwalk) this season. They make the perfect hair accessory and can save a bad hair day from the sun, wind, rain AND humidity.

Re-imagined ponytails and chignons

Need to keep your hair looking good but out of your face and awesome even in the wind, rain, or heat? Well then, out with the messy bun and in with the sleek, slicked back pony tail. High or low it’s a winner. Put it up high and let the ends sprawl around as they may, or add some reckless curl to those ends to contrast with your otherwise sleek look. Sometimes just using a little product on your palm and smoothing flyaways with your hand is all thats needed. But for any stubborn flyaways use a fine tooth comb with a little gel, paste, or hairspray to tame them!

Don’t like a high pony? Smooth hair into a low pony at the nape of your neck. Wrap the pony with ribbon, leather, a glam silk scarf, multicolored rubber bands, etc. for a trendy look (think equestrian horse tail style). OR, wrap it into a small, neat chignon and secure with a few pins or that silk scarf… Add some big sunglasses and the look becomes very French chic!

Beachy bob

This is “not your mother’s” sleek, every hair in place shiny, lacquered bob. It’s trendy and it’s low-key. It’s an undone lob complete with an almost “chopped off” look. And it’s kind of messy …think more of a bed head look. Think beachy waves and texture. Something Mom would have wanted you to brush before leaving the house! Use a texturizing spray like Verb’s Sea Spray and finger tendrils into place for the perfect undone look! (It smells like the ocean too!) Bring on those April showers…they’ll only enhance this look!

Natural Curls

The movement to embrace more of nature is growing in every aspect of beauty. The trend has even hit hair fashion. More and more people are embracing their natural curl and wave and working with it….and the results are stunning. How to work it?Curls want moisture and lots of it. No two curly heads are created exactly the same so see a professional stylist to get help finding the perfect product for your curl level. In the meantime, find a deep moisture treat that you can use after every shampoo like Redken’s Extreme conditioner or Unite’s 7 seconds leave in spray conditioner.

Slicked Back Wet Look

So simple but so stunning! It’s very intriguing and leaves people wondering if you just walked out of the ocean, or didn’t have time for that blow dry! To get the look use a generous amount of gel or hair creme like Living Proof’s TBD styling creme. Apply all over and use a wide tooth comb. Done. Like this look but want to add more sensuous length down the back? Add some clip in hair extensions into the mid to lower back of your head. Just one to three layers will look amazing and add even more allure for a great evening look. Be sure to saturate the extensions with product as well.

These looks should keep your Spring styling weather proof and stress free. If you can’t get the hang of it at home, bring your accessories and professional products to your next appointment with your stylist. We love to help you create awesome looks for your hair!

Summer Make up Tips!

May 2019

6 Summer Friendly May Make Up Tips

With summer fast approaching no one wants to look overly made up. We all want an easy breezy kind of look and routine. Here are some pointers, tips, and techniques that will help you to get out the door fast and still look smashing!

1. Primer - Primers come in all forms: sprays, gels, liquids, and creams. A favorite face primer like Motives Cosmetics Insta Smooth or Complexion Perfection are good choices. Primers help smooth and refine the skin. Most contain ingredients that help nourish and protect the skin as well. Use the primer alone or over moisturizer to give a natural yet smoother appearance to skin. Use with a bit of concealer on the focal points : under eyes, corners of mouth, and around nose or any other red or blemished areas and smooth out with a brush or beauty blender. You can always add foundation but most can get away with just the basics of a great primer and a little concealer. Or, see below for our BB/CC cream recommendations.

2. Powder - Use the correct powder. There are loose and pressed, translucent and tinted, dewy and matte finishes. Use loose with a big fluffy brush to set make up, or over the above primer to give an even more refined finish. Use translucent or try a tinted one to add a hint of color to skin. Matte finish is great in summer months as we tend to get dewy all by ourselves! Pressed powders are used primarily for touch ups on the run - match your skin tone or use a translucent for best blend.

3. Setting Sprays - These are a must year round. These light but essential mists help to set make up and give skin an extra bit of hydration and protection. Some are formulated to pro long the life of your make up and keep you looking fresh all day. We like all of Skindinavia’s setting spray offerings. Some setting sprays help you keep shine at bay like Motives No More Shine. And for all of us over 50 somethings, Motives has an anti aging 10 Years Younger Spray that does wonders for loose sagging skin all while keeping make up intact and skin looking wonderful.

4. Bronzer - Use a bronzer to create a sun kissed, healthful glow. There are so many to choose from with many different price points and shimmer levels. Opt for one that makes you feel radiant! Here is a DIY for one to make at home without any chemicals : mix together 3 parts cinnamon powder, 1 part nutmeg powder, 1 part cocoa powder and 2 -3 parts cornstarch or arrow root powder. Mix well and apply with a fluffy brush! You may want to experiment with small amounts to get the perfect hue for your skin. If you like more glow add a bit of mica powder. Apply to cheeks, temples, eyelids, under jaw, and tip of nose. Add to lips and top with a gloss or lip balm for an added touch of summer! It can also be used with an angle brush at the base of lashes as a neutral liner both on lower and upper lids. Wet the brush with a little of your setting spray or good old H20 for a darker liner. Store in an airtight container. You can also add essential oils like rose or lavender to make it a rub on bronzer.

5. Waterproof Products - USE SPARINGLY. Although these may be your go to for beach and poolside as well as for water sporting, these products are usually very hard on your skin. They take a lot of scrubbing and chemical removers to get off the skin too which causes more sensitivity and can cause damage if you aren’t careful.

6. BB/CC Creams- BB & CC Creams are great for summer for several reasons. They are like an all in one primer, speckle, and paint! LOL. They can feel lighter than going the full foundation route and help even out skin tone or a fresh sunburn or peeling tan. Need less coverage go with a BB cream. CC creams provide a bit more coverage for those with enlarged pores, break outs or uneven skin tone. One of the most popular brands is IT Cosmetics. Again, here is a DIY for a quick at home BB/CC cream to get you out the door in a flash! Mix your own primer + foundation + sunscreen or moisturizer + powder together and apply! Add a hint of your bronzer to get the glow of a fresh tan!

BONUS TIME! One last trick! If you like the look of blush even in the summer but don’t want it to look over done, try applying it over primer and then adding a bit of BB cream or light foundation over it and blend well! It gives a radiant look without looking too artificial. Then set it and forget it!

Thanks for reading Beauty Bits! Let me know what you want to see here. I will do my best to focus on your requests.